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As a Licensed Practitioner, you will be able to assess and measure innovation capabilties on a team or an organizational level. You’ll gain access to all of the data, analytics, assessment methods, reporting templates and support you need to win business away from the largest consulting firms. You will offer company execs hard numbers and evidence-based, data-driven answers on how to innovate for sustainable growth and profits.

  • Gain access to InnoSurvey®, the world’s largest innovation management database
  • Learn how to assess and measure capabilities, leadership, and strategy for innovation management
  • Present data-driven, evidence-based recommendations to leadership
  • Implement data-driven, evidence-based recommendations
  • Plan and lead Innovation Circles to generate leads and build your personal brand
  • Become part of a global network of Licensed Practitioners

Are you ready to apply for accreditation in the world’s leading methodology for innovation management?

IMBA Innovation Management Basic Accreditation™

When you become part of the global network of Licensed Practitioners, you gain access to the leading ISO compliant innovation management methodology, linking capabilities to leadership and strategy. You'll assess and advise your clients using customized analytics from the world's largest innovation management database. As part of the global network of Licensed Practitioners, you'll be eligible to be featured on the Innovation360 site and get support in terms of templates, tools and advise for implementations. You will learn how to lead Innovation Circles and network with top executives in your field to generate new business as you build your personal brand.

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IMYB Innovation Management Yellow Belt™

This level opens access to the resale and implementation of the leading AI-enabled Ideation Management Solution ideation360, the Competency Analyzer (the second part in assessing organizational abilities) and advanced design methods for adopting and implementing an Innovation Management Systems that supports the client's aspiration based on their abilities (leadership, capabilities, culture and competence). Training on leading organizational design and transformation.

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IMGB Innovation Management Green Belt™

This comprehensive accreditation includes access to the scenario and global key driver tool PESTLED360 for a full external analysis, Interviewing360 for in-depth qualitative analysis (to be combined with the qualitative analysis carving out very tangible recommendations, challenging and boosting the client's strategy), the culture mapping canvas, and the facility for fully linking culture to innovation. The Green Belt is more in-depth and reasoning-based, giving you access to tools only available to a small percentage of the world's innovation experts.

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IMBB Innovation Management Black Belt™

This expert level certification opens access to Sherlock, the leading AI engine for innovation management analytics. Also includes Mega Polls, Transformation canvas support, and private Black Belt camps. Master Black Belt 2nd Dan grants you membership to the faculty and the ability to run accreditations. The Black Belt is earned after two cases that are graded by our faculty team, and one online exam. This is the most prestigious accreditation level for Innovation Management, internationally recognized with alumni in the absolute top tier of consultants in the world, read more about the Black Belt here.

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Julia Doria is the commercial officer and key account manager for all North American Licensed Practitioners and applicants. Julia loves watching the global LP network grow, and empowering her team with the tools and data they need to succeed. Julia is an IMGB Innovation Management Green Belt™ with a strong commitment to environmental issues. Ask her about how the emerging ISO Standards support the UN sustainability goals, and how the innovation360 methodology and InnoSurvey® database can help you achieve remarkable results for your clients.

Allan Fors is the commercial officer and key account manager for Licensed Practitioners and applicants in Asia-Pacific, Europe and Africa. He loves helping entrepreneurs, executives and business leaders transform their organizations by becoming more organized and data-driven. Allan wants to challenge everyone, even the establishment, to become future disruptors of the market rather than allowing themselves to be disrupted. Ask Allan about how you can use the world’s largest innovation management database to benchmark your client against the most innovative companies around the globe, establish a baseline, and strengthen their market position.

Requirements to become a Licensed Practitioner

We accept applications to the accreditation program from consultants with 2 years of experience or more, a proven track record and a passion for innovation. As part of the application process, we will conduct a phone interview and may request references.

Accreditation is open to independent consultants, professionals at boutique consulting firms, project leads and associates at large consulting firms, and corporate professionals responsible for internal innovation.

You’ll be able to expand your business, build your personal brand and work alongside some of the brightest minds in innovation management today. Data, tools, templates and our international network of Licensed Practitioners can help you succeed in an ever-changing, unpredictable market.

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