Alexandra Rogacheva


Based in Southampton, UK


Dr. Alexandra Rogacheva is a Co-Founder of Simplarity, where she leads Technological Innovation and Innovation Management & Strategy. She is an expert in Innovation Management and Technology Development with more than 20 years of combined experience in technical and leadership roles in both industry and academia. In her previous role of Global Head of Innovation at Expro, a large international oil and gas service company, Alexandra was responsible for driving the Culture of Innovation, developing and embedding innovation frameworks and processes, such as Technology Scouting, Technology Roadmapping, Intellectual Property Management and Open Innovation. Through her engineering and scientific background enriched with managerial experience and industry expertise Alexandra has forged a unique set of skills, which includes among others Stakeholder Management, Systems Thinking, Design Thinking and Creative Thinking. This set of skills enables her to help organisations meet their specific needs and realize their growth opportunities by developing and deploying fit-for-purpose innovation systems, processes and initiatives.

She believes that organisations with the right innovation capabilities are better equipped to meet market challenges and deliver value to all stakeholders in an ethical and sustainable way.

Alexandra provides management consulting services to SMEs in the area of Innovation Management, Innovation Strategy and Innovation Capabilities Development, Culture of Innovation.



  • Innovation Management
  • Innovation Strategy Development
  • Innovation Capabilities Development
  • Culture of Innovation
  • Systems Thinking
  • Design Thinking



  • Doctor of Philosophy, Physics
  • Master of Economics, Accounting, Analysis and Audit
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Technology Management