Andrew Mang

Based in San Francisco


Andrew is an experienced entrepreneur, engineer, and marketer based in the San Francisco Bay Area with experience in challenging business environments. He graduated summa cum laude from Duke University in 2012 with a double major in Mechanical Engineering and Economics. He was one of the first members of the National Academies of Engineering’s premier Grand Challenges Scholars Program, and he performed extensive lab and field research into water access issues in the developing world.

His first job was as a Marketing and Business Analyst at Yext, where he helped grow the company from a small one-office technology company into a large public corporation. Throughout his time at Yext, he became an expert in direct marketing and gained experience in affiliate marketing network development, financial planning, contract negotiation, front-end development, sales team performance analysis, and marketing operations. His holistic experience taught him how to integrate different parts of a growing company when resources are scarce and time is tight.

After Yext, he started a water engineering and sustainability consultancy, Aswanet, in Kigali, Rwanda. Aswanet is the first East African representative of the Inogen Environmental Alliance and has worked with governments, nonprofits, and private clients in the hospitality, agriculture, education, and real estate industries. His work in Africa has brought me to some of the most challenging business environments in the world, including the Eastern Congo and South Sudan, and provided him extensive insight into the on-the-ground challenges of doing business in the developing world.

Andrew co-founded and launched the COVID-19 Call for Engineering Action at the National Academy of Engineering, a program that mobilizes multiple generations of engineers to capture, incubate, and amplify engineering solutions to the COVID-19 pandemic. He advises the NAE’s Grand Challenges Scholars Program and is passionate about using engineering and innovation to solve global problems.

Andrew also works as an independent consultant and has experience in biotech, pharma, ESG, and sustainability.

Area of expertise:

  • Partnership Development and Growth Strategy: Strategic planning, stakeholder mapping, relationship development
  • Sustainability and ESG: I can help you find the right experts to develop your sustainability plan, identify highest-leverage ESG interventions within your company, and provide on-the-ground project management for corporate sustainability and ESG initiatives
  • New Market Entry: Regulatory analysis, feasibility studies, customer discovery
  • Engineering Support: Technical design, manufacturing planning
  • Marketing Operations: Setup of marketing tech stack, advising on sales development process


  • BS: Duke University