Commercialization Work with Clients, How to! February 12 at 2.00–3.30 pm CET

Welcome to our interactive and knowledge-sharing webinar: “Commercialization Work with Clients: How to!” This session is dedicated to professionals seeking to elevate their approach to innovation and commercialization strategies.

  • Key Focus Areas:

    Understanding Commercialization Readiness: Dive deep into the concept of commercialization readiness. Learn what it means, why it’s crucial, and how it can be effectively measured.

  • The Commercialization Readiness Test: An in-depth exploration of our unique Commercialization Readiness Test. Discover how this tool can assess your organization’s preparedness for commercialization and identify areas for improvement.

  • Creating Value Early in the Innovation Process: Strategies and best practices for leveraging the insights from the Commercialization Readiness Test to add value to your organization right from the early stages of the innovation process.Interactive Case Studies & Discussions: Engage in interactive sessions where participants will share their experiences and insights from applying the Commercialization Readiness Test in their organizations.

  • Pre-Webinar Preparation:

    • Mandatory Test Completion: All participants are required to complete the Commercialization Readiness Test before the webinar. This will not only enrich your learning experience but also provide valuable data for group discussions.

    • Be Prepared to Share: The webinar is designed to be highly interactive. Participants should come prepared to discuss their test results and share insights or challenges faced in the process.

Gain actionable insights on evaluating and improving commercialization readiness. Learn from peers and experts in the field through dynamic knowledge-sharing sessions. Enhance your organization’s innovation process with practical, value-driven strategies.

Audience: Innovation360 licensed practitioners and those invited by an Innovation360 KAM.

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