Dr. Emre Serpen

Based in London


Dr Emre Serpen is a leading aviation strategist and business expert and worked with 100+ aviation companies in 80+ countries worldwide. He founded TroyAvi Aviation consultants, and previously established and led aviation practices for consulting, technology companies including Sabre, ICF-SHE, Intervistas, Cap Gemini, Wipro, Arup and led Strategy, Transformation for Airlines and Executive Director. As the head of Airport practice he led the Toronto airport bid for Wipro, and later he led Transformation and Innovation activities at the Airport including design and implement Innovation process including Innovation lab.


Area of expertise:

  • Airline, Airport, Air Cargo, Aerospace Market Analysis, Strategy, Commercial, Operational and Business planning
  • Business Transformation, Vision, Process Modelling, Balanced Scorecard, Performance Management, Organisation, Portfolio Management and Program Management Office
  • Digital Strategy, Business Architecture, Digital Transformation Planning and Execution, Digital Innovation Process, Innovation Lab, Innovation Partners Management
  • Commercial and Operational restructuring and performance improvement including network, pricing, retail, revenue management, crew management, MRO, facilities, supply chain optimisation



  • Phd Cybernectics Brunel University
  • BSc Industrial Engineering METU Chartered Engineer, United Kingdom