Marcy Axelrod


Based in New York, US


Marcy Axelrod is CEO of On Your Game Corp, a strategy consulting firm focused on growing company’s top and bottom lines through innovation, Jobs-To-Be-Done strategy, design thinking and operational effectiveness. She is known to be a highly creative, yet practical, strategist and thought leader, who accomplishes goals quickly and effectively.

  • Differentiation – Marcy’s highly dynamic, passionate approach is rooted in the unique combination of her Wall Street beginnings, Silicon Valley consulting career, innovation expertise, and her 20 years of proprietary research on how people, businesses and society achieve. Her award-winning book, On Your Game! directs consulting tools, neuroscience and behavioral economics to help us achieve throughout our busy lives. Marcy then applies this expertise to help companies achieve by understanding customers’ important, yet unmet, needs. Her work earned highly favorable reviews from professors at Harvard, Yale, Columbia and Cornell.
  • Experience – Marcy experience includes a decade as a leader in KPMG Consulting’s HighTech practice in Silicon Valley, as well as senior roles at Gartner Group, and Silicon Valley based digital media leader 3Q Digital. Her clients span many well-known tech leaders, as well as start-ups in industries ranging from financial services to healthcare and computer science education.
  • Selected clients – HP (enterprise and consumer), Cisco, Motorola, SAP, StorageTek, Symantec, Yahoo!, Baosteel (China), ShaneCo, Gap, and many others. Selected start-ups include: ModCloth, Blurb, Ciserro, Sungevity, Weebly, The Ladders, and, among others.

Area of expertise:

  • Revenue Focused: Growth & Innovation Strategy
  1. Innovation: InnoSurvey, Jobs-to-be-Done, Customer and Growth Strategy, Design Thinking
  2. Customer Experience Design & Growth Strategy
  3. Marketing Strategy
  4. Customer Journey Mapping
  5. Innovation Process Development & Implementation
  6. Go-to-Market Strategy Creation & Road-mapping

Bottom Line: Operational Efficiency & Effectiveness

  1. Customer Retention / Satisfaction / Referral Development
  2.  Process Design / Redesign / Root Cause Analysis
  3. Marketing Governance & Communication Process Improvement
  4. Operational Sales Force Evaluation & Process Improvement
  5. Sales Force Effectiveness


  • Cornell University, Bachelor’s Degree with Honors, Government and Behavioral Psychology
  • Thunderbird School of Global Management, MBA


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