Next Generation Ideation: Creating idea campaigns in seconds


Several years ago, we launched ideation360 because we wanted to create a tool by innovation experts for innovation practitioners. This tool has seen tremendous success, and we have learned along the road together with our licensed practitioners and clients around the globe in 45 countries. We now proudly present the next generation of the ideational platform Ideation360®.

Our next-generation ideational management tool Ideation360® takes ideation and idea collection from an obscure activity run by innovation experts to a broader audience, tapping into people across the board.

Create Ideation Campaigns and Landing Pages

We are the first company in the world that allows you to create as many landing pages as you wish in any language for any platform instantly. It has never been easier to create campaigns, analyze the results, remind, and encourage your audience, link to any ecosystem, and bring it all together at your fingertips.

As a client, you will get access and support setting it up and running it; or we and our licensed practitioners in 45 countries are ready to reach out setting it up for you.

Register today and learn more about how to find solutions on hard problems instantly.

Time:  8:00 AM Eastern time (US and Canada)