PESTLED360: Iron Out Key Driving Forces In Your Current Environment And Anticipate Future Ones

PESTLED360™ was born to answer your organization’s most crucial questions. “Are you confident in your strategic thinking, and your internal innovation competencies and skills? Have you identified future scenarios in your business environment and are you prepared for them? Do you have a roadmap for their short- and long-term implications?”

Welcome to the world of PESTLED360™, the first collaborative, data, and artificial intelligence-driven methodology for collecting, analyzing, and pinpointing what you need to know about your organization now and in the future. An organization is always part of the ocean in which it swims. Understanding the external context and the global key drivers impacting your organization can prepare you for successful innovative change. We can identify both context and key drivers with PESTLED360™.


The PESTLED Framework

PESTLED stands for the Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal, Environmental, and Demographic factors that affect you and define your environment. Innovation 360  utilizes this framework in many assignments. However, it is often misused as a framework for assessing a specific market or even an organization itself. In fact, its greatest value arises in a much broader context. To this end, PESTLED not only illuminates current influences, but it also alerts you to rapidly approaching changes and market dynamics across industries.

Let’s Work Through an Example Together

A great example of disruption across industries is Uber’s transition from disrupting the taxi industry to holding a dominant position in the food delivery industry. Its rapid ascent meant gaining business worth USD$10 billion and devouring market share from rivals Postmates, Caviar, and DoorDash. Though it seems inevitable in retrospect, the food delivery industry was taken by surprise because it didn’t pay enough attention to the happenings in the passenger transport industry.

Available data fragments can often help not only to build a barrier around your core value proposition, but also to understand future possibilities. However, disparate bits of data find relevance only through connections. Just as individual bricks cannot make a wall without mortar, individual data fragments cannot show the whole picture without PESTLED.

PESTLED analysis thrives on both a global and regional level, identifying and connecting key legal, political, and demographic drivers to guide innovation management.

While global key drivers are often relatively easy to identify, their implications can be much harder to assess. To overcome this hurdle, PESTLED360™ encourages the involvement of as many stakeholders as possible. Using interaction, creativity, and the articulation of many different opinions, PESTLED articulates the positive and negative impacts of each force by drawing on a diverse set of stakeholders.

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PESTLED360™ is a proprietary online toolkit used by our accredited consultants, partners, and independent licensed practitioners in 45 countries. Access to this tool requires an IMGB Innovation Management Green Belt™, or higher. Please read more about our accreditation programs here.

PESTLED360™ provides our practitioners with the world’s first interactive, online-based data-driven analytic tool for collecting, analyzing, and uncovering impacts in the near-, mid-, and long-term market. Results furnish input into Scenarios360™, which helps incorporate identified key drivers into real scenarios in order to iron out the current needs to be executed and the current needs to be explored.