PESTLED360/Scenario360 2-hour Workshop

Understanding the external context that impacts an organization could not be more fitting and timely given the current global landscape. Organizations need to prepare for different scenarios based on these drivers to not only survive but to stay ahead of the curve and compete with those who are.

This Licensed Practitioner webinar will focus on how to be more prepared for such situations and showcase the resources that are available to you with the Innovation Management Green Belt (IMGB™) license.

Innovation360 has developed PESTLED360™, a collaborative, data and artificial intelligence-driven methodology for collecting, analyzing, and identifying what you need to know about your organization currently and for the future. You will also be equipped with Scenarios360™, a scenario planning tool linked to PESTLED360™, to map out different scenarios based on these identified drivers.

Note: This workshop is available for Licensed Practitioners Green Belt and above as well as Partners. Any Yellow Belt practitioners who have signed up for the upcoming Green Belt are allowed to participate.

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Time:  8:00 AM to 10 AM Eastern time (2 pm CET to 4 pm CET)
Date: Sep 8, 2022