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A powerful, scalable tool that can assess a company’s innovation capabilities, linking them back to culture, leadership and strategy. You’ll be able to deliver a complete 360-analysis of an organization’s ability to innovate across 92 critical innovation benchmarks, and provide a baseline for innovation. In addition, the report recommends tactical and operational metrics to help you execute with more certainty. As leading members on the ISO Working Group, we can assure your stakeholders that Innovation360 is compliant with upcoming ISO 56000 Innovation Management guidance documents.

The InnoSurvey® assessment can work with a team or rolled up to an organizational level. You can assess large organizations across multiple locations, bring in external stakeholders, and design advanced mega polls.

• Available to all Licensed Practitioners

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InnoSurvey® is the only innovation assessment tool completely covering the ISO 56000-4


A platform for collecting, managing and collaborating on ideas for teams of internal and external stakeholders. The enterprise software includes mobile apps so participants can capture ideas as they arise, no matter where they are. Built-in AI clusters ideas for finding hidden connections and identifying the most promising ideas for investment.

• Available for Yellow Belts and above

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Competence Analyzer

Each company’s competence profile is determined by the competencies of individuals within the organization. This assessment tool measures and benchmarks competencies against top performers, industry averages, and other critical markers. Identify and fill skill gaps to make sure companies can reach their aspirations.

• Available for Yellow Belts and above



The ability to innovate can now be condensed to a precise score that identifies how ready a company is to generate and execute new concepts. The score establishes a baseline for multi-year comparison, placing each company within the larger context of innovation challenges at the regional or country level.

• Available to Green Belts and above

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“Are you confident in your strategic thinking, and your organization’s internal innovation competencies and skills?

Have you identified what is coming in your business environment and have you prepared for it? Do you have a roadmap for its short- and longer-term implications?”

As a IMGB Innovation Management Green™ belt you get access to PESTLED360™, the world’s first collaborative, data and artificial intelligence-driven methodology for collecting, analyzing, and nailing down what you need to know about your organization now and in the future. No organization exists in isolation from its surroundings. In fact, you are always part of the ocean you swim in. Understanding your external context and the global key drivers impacting your organization prepare you for change.

Innovation 56002 Readiness Scoring

The new ISO 56002 Guidance on Innovation Management is written with the common High-Level Structure (HLS) of ISO Management System Standards. It enables the integration of different ISO management systems such as ISO 9001.

Today, ISO 56002 is a guiding standard, and it will be a required standard (56001) in four to five years. So, instead of waiting, we decided to launch the first ISO 56000 Innovation Management Readiness test to prepare for ISO 56001. The Readiness is based on the ISO56002 Guidance available to all Green Belts and above.

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