Innovation Stories

How our Licensed Practitioners are using Innovation360 tools

“Innovation360’s tools and techniques have transformed the way I work with my clients. The Innovation Framework provides a clear and accessible structure for understanding why, what and how an organisation innovates in a way that immediately resonates with people. Going through the InnovationIQ certification provides a whole new understanding of what innovation is, why it is important to an organisation and how they can increase their innovation capabilities. The InnovationIQ score itself is an impactful way of gauging innovation capability overall and a great marketing tool. The extensive international benchmarking from InnoSurvvey® is extremely powerful but I find the real value for my clients is in the process we go through with them. I love to see the many ‘lightbulb’ moments clients have along the way as they start to see how they can really build their culture and capabilities for innovation – and that includes successful innovative organisations, not just those that struggle with innovation!”

Dr. Kelly Clark – Northern Ireland
IMGB Innovation Management Green Belt™

“After working in a large corporate environment for more than two decades with established tools and processes, I looked for a reliable innovation management methodology that could deploy when I began practicing as an independent business consultant and adjunct professor. The Innovation360 systems seamlessly filled that void and turned out to be even better for managing change through innovation. Innovation360 allows me to harness my transferable skill set through the application of strategic/analytic thinking, leadership skills, and change management. Beyond filling the void, Innovation360’s Licensed Practitioner community provides me the opportunity to get up to speed with innovative concepts and processes; think out of the box; and network and collaborate with people of diverse backgrounds.”

Dr. Taofeeq Ashiru, DBA, PMP, MCIPS – New Orleans, USA
IMBB Innovation Management Black Belt™

”I’ve been focused on leadership development for many years. I’ve always believed that curious questions can unlock new insights and envision new possibilities and that’s why effective coaching is critical. About 8 years ago, the variety of my work kicked up and I started to work across multiple industries. I noticed there were differences to the way organisations moved forward and importantly the patterns surprised me. Innovation360 and the I360 tools helped me identify those patterns and, in doing so, they illuminated a pathway forward that can otherwise be hidden. I describe my passion as working at the intersection of Leadership / Culture / Innovation – I’m still exploring what the intersection of those 3 things is. It seems the answer is different for everyone”

Greg Collier – Australia
IMGB Innovation Management Green Belt™

“Innovation 360 provides me and my clients with the most comprehensive framework for assessing any organization’s innovation capability. The framework helps me to clearly assess strategy, process, culture and capability. The InnoSurvey® helps me carry out a comprehensive diagnosis in a very short period of time. This engages a large client team, which incidentally gives the client a tremendous sense of ownership. My clients are able to develop a comprehensive roadmap for their future growth. I am delighted to partner with the Innovation360 group.”

Krishnan Naganathan – India
Licensed Practitioner