Benefits of Accreditation as an Innovation360 Licensed Practitioner

Gain access to the world´s largest innovation database and leading analytics tool

Unlock high value templates and tools for insights, analysis, design and implementation

Leverage a global network for business development, collaboration and personal branding

Deploy the leading ideation platform, ideation360, for prototyping, open innovation and idea campaigns

Offer evidence-based and data-backed recommendations and strategic guidance

Aligned with global guidance for upcoming ISO 56000: Innovation Management Standards

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Accelerate Innovation

Pinpoint misalignments and activate amplifiers, unleashing innovation connectivity and unlocking value for your clients.

Use hard data and benchmark against industry leaders to justify recommendations.

Fast track culture of innovation for sustainable profits and growth.

Our framework is based on the most advanced understanding of innovation management, backed by years of research in the field and the world’s largest innovation management database.

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Scale Your Practice

Our state-of-the-art methodology and analytics platform allow you to handle larger projects with more confidence and less resources, freeing you up to do the work you love.

Spend more time with clients

Access high value templates and tools

Deliver tangible recommendations

Become the innovation expert in your field

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Leverage a Global Network

Licensed Practitioners often call on their network connections, even across continents, to collaborate on the most complex assignments.

Available in all major languages, with data collected  from 105 countries, our global database is setting a new standard in innovation management.

When you join our global community, you will gain a powerful network of innovation professionals and consultants, working together under a shared framework and language to drive innovation across a range of disciplines.

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Advanced Innovation Software

World’s largest innovation database

Our powerful correlation engine can help you assure that the organization’s overall strategy is aligned with their leadership, core capabilities and culture.

Patented assessment framework

Internal and external stakeholders are assessed to gain a comprehensive view of the organization and its position in the market.

PESTLED360 analysis

All key drivers of the global market environment are brought into focus to manage innovation intelligently across three horizons of business development, meeting the needs of today while innovating for the future.

Ideation360 platform

A dashboard, enterprise software and mobile apps offer an end-to-end system for managing innovation from ideation to commercialization.

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