Innovation 360 Scholarship

About the program

We are constantly looking for talents to make the world a better place. We, and many respected institutions with us, including the UN, believe that innovation management is the key to finding the solution we desperately need to restore and further develop our world.

The critical questions are all filled with a load of uncertainty. Therefore, they are not solved. Managing uncertainty is the role of innovation management. Questions ranging from how to manage and optimize our energy supply and utilization, access to safe food and water, medicine, education, transportation, manufacturing, and how we might make use of artificial intelligence are all questions of proper innovation management governance, process, culture, and capabilities.

Together with our sponsors, we are proud to offer a scholarship to ambitious individuals that are working in the field of Innovation Management, and are seeking Innovation 360’s guidance, tools, data, and services to excel them to the next level and join our shared goal of making the world a better place.

Awarded scholarship will be published and featured to inspire others to work hard and be the best version of themself.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Two years of experience as a consultant
  • An income that does not exceed 40,000 Euro per year

Application process

  • Ensure eligibility requirements are met
  • Provide two letters of recommendation
  • Provide a motivation letter
  • Provide a copy of academic transcripts
  • Provide a CV or resume
  • Provide your statement of income for the two last years
  • Provide a tangible sales plan for using the Accreditation to build your own business, expand an existing business or support governmental or regional work

You apply by sending all documents in one pdf smaller than 10Mb. Incomplete applications will be ignored. There is no possibility of impacting the jury or overruling results; the decision is final. Usually, the application time is 6-8 weeks.

Innovation Management Scholarship

The scholarship awards you up to 3,000 Euro, to be used within six months to finance participation in instructor-led (not self-paced) accreditation, grading, or renewal of accreditation. The price list for accreditations and gradings will be found here: