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Accreditation in Innovation360 will earn you respected credentials that can be extremely valuable for your business, but even greater value comes from the connections you will make along the way. As you advance through the accreditation program, you will build relationships and join a network of innovation experts covering every industry and every major language. Our consultants often team up to solve big challenges and to deliver world-class solutions to their clients.

We are committed to continuous learning, testing our assumptions, and backing our conclusions with data.

As a community, we support emerging standards in innovation management and participate on several ISO working committees to help establish this early guidance. We are aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 and recently launched an open ideation project, Fix the Planet, to help raise awareness about these issues.

As technology accelerates and communication connects everyone everywhere, the old rules no longer apply. Exponential technologies, global competition, and changing markets are now the status quo. Our licensed practitioners have an exciting opportunity to shape the future of innovation and define tomorrow.

Consultants on every continent are deploying our methods and tools to amplify their impact and grow their businesses. Are you ready to become part of this dynamic, growing network of change-makers?

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