The Innovation360 Group®️ Circle

Build your business, build your brand

As a Licensed Practitioner, one of the most powerful and versatile tools at your disposal is the Innovation360 Group®️ Circle. This offline interactive event can simultaneously draw attention to your business, provide value to leaders in the business community, strengthen your personal brand and generate qualified leads.

Imagine filling up a conference room with 50 executives who have a 20% probability of converting into customers within the next year. Now imagine what you could achieve by leading several Innovation360 Group®️ Circles throughout the year.

Licensed Practitioners have landed some of their largest contracts on their very first Innovation360 Group®️ Circle. Statistically, we’ve found that on average one out of every five executives who attend these circles sign up as clients within 12 months of the event.

These events make the benefits of innovation real and tangible, giving execs a clear picture of what Innovation360 can mean for their bottom line.

We will train and guide you on how to send out invites, organize the event, take a leadership role during the event and follow up afterwards to maximize conversions. We can also provide you with templates, suggestions, examples and support in the planning stages.