How Can a Company Become a Certified Partner?

Gold Partner

This is for consultancy companies with a specific number of accredited people and a clear plan for their region; these partners are supported with the world’s largest innovation management library of templates, sales material, marketing material, cases, keynotes, and more. Gold Partners are listed on our client home page and get extensive pre-sales support. We now have several Gold Partners, and one of them just signed up 20 companies simultaneously by doing an innovation management assessment with InnoSurvey®.
  • The Partner will have access to the Gold Partnership logotype for marketing and selling purposes.
  • The Partner will have unlimited access to polls for free (InnoSurvey® and InnoComp™)
  • The Partner will be featured on Innovation 360 website as a Gold Partner.
  • The Partner will get assignments referred.
  • The Partner will have access to the Innovation 360 tools including: InnoSurvey®, the Ideation Platform Ideation360®, PESTLED360™, Scenarios360™, Sustainovation™ and selected future developed tools. ** Sustainovation™ is exclusively for Partners.
  • The Partner does not have to pay renewal fees for the accredited personal.
  • The Partner will have rights to the Innovation Library in the InnoSuite, to have access to structural capital of innovation360 materials like sales, templates, assignments, case studies, etc. This is more than 100 GB of high-quality material.
  • The Partner will receive a 15% bonus for each referral of individuals within the territory who attend an accreditation or a grading. Innovation 360 will invoice the new LP directly, and the bonus will be paid within 10 days of the completion of the final payment.
  • The Partner will have an Enterprise Ideation360 account for internal usage (to learn), and will be an official reseller of ‘Enterprise’ Ideation360 to end clients.
  • The Partner will be an official assessor of Innovation IQ and will be listed on Innovation 360’s Innovation-IQ website as such.
  • OPTION for non-English markets: The Partner will have the right to translate, sell and retain all revenue for the book, ‘Assessing and Measuring Business Innovation’ authored by Magnus Penker.
  • The Partners will have access and a free account, a system with an extensive number of Innovation 360 social media cards to be adopted.
  • The Partner can publish joint press releases on
  • The Partner can get blog posts featured in Innovation 360 newsletters reaching 50,000+ people.
  • The Partner will receive support from the Key Account Manager, and the Innovation 360 team as necessary on the items described above as well as on all tools.

Educational Partner

Educational institutions can add more value to their offering by extending their curriculum of micro-credentials, electives, and executive education with market-leading innovation management online content and tools. Within the organization, they can instill our world-leading ideation platform into the academic community, across research projects, collaborations with businesses, and the student body. We have several very strong Educational Partners serving communities around the world. Through the Educational Partnership model with Innovation 360 Group, educational institutions can collaborate with Innovation 360 on innovation management programs for partners, sponsors, students, and the business community. Educational Partners gain access to our suite of analytical tools, workshopping apps, ideation platform, and the largest innovation management database in the world.

We are particularly proud of our partnership with Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, one of our newest Educational Partners. COVID-19 has tested their collective ability to muster a timely response to new realities; the college’s “can-do attitude” illustrates their culture of innovation and demonstrates how it can boost the organization’s capacity to pivot in times of crisis.

“We don’t necessarily brag about it – we just get things done. And that’s a very Canadian attitude,” says Dr. Ginger Grant, Humber’s Acting Dean of Applied Research and Innovation. Dr. Grant continues, “My grandfather, who built cabinets, always said, ‘You measure seven times and cut once.’ Innovation 360 enhances our ability to measure before we cut.” Read more here.

Under Prof Ginger´s great leadership and backed by Innovation 360´s advisory services, Humber College has, amongst other great achievements, managed to climb from #30 to #2 in the national ranking within applied innovation and research.

Innovation 360 with Humber’s Office of Research and Innovation

Office of Research & Innovation 2020-2021 – Annual Report

Office of Research & Innovation 2021-2022 – Annual Report

Innovation 360 Group AB In Strategic Partnership with Africa Business School

Year 2024 Innovation 360 Group AB as delighted to unveil a strategic educational partnership with Africa Business School (ABS) of Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, Morocco. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in our mission to foster innovation and excellence in education across the globe.

Through this partnership, Africa Business School is set to become an integral educational partner in North Africa, embracing Innovation 360’s advanced innovation management methodologies, tools, and frameworks. This alliance will empower ABS to offer its students and the wider business community unprecedented access to state-of-the-art innovation management practices, preparing them to lead in the ever-evolving global business landscape.

Corporate Partner

This is an option for larger organizations with internal consultants. We have corporate partners in all continents, and this is a great way for them to get access to otherwise inaccessible tools, data, and methods that complement the services offered by Innovation 360, Educational Partners, and Gold Partners. This program is for organizations that aim at having a large number of internal certified innovation consultants serving them across the board.