Accreditation as an Innovation360 Group Licensed Practitioner

As a Licensed Practitioner, you can assess and measure innovation capabilities on a team or an organizational level. You’ll gain access to all of the data, analytics, assessment methods, reporting templates and support you need to win business away from the largest consulting firms. You will offer company execs hard numbers and evidence-based, data-driven answers on how to innovate for sustainable growth and profits.

  • Gain access to InnoSurvey®, the world’s largest innovation management database
  • Learn how to assess and measure external context (key drivers and scenarios) as well as internal capabilities, leadership, and strategy for innovation management
  • Present data-driven, evidence-based recommendations to leadership
  • Implement data-driven, evidence-based recommendations
  • Plan and lead Innovation360 Group®️ Circles to generate leads and build your personal brand
  • Become part of a global network of Licensed Practitioners
  • Earn a worldwide recognized accreditation with a block chained certificate, used by Harvard, Oxford, and IEEE. To share on LinkedIn, your website, email footer, etc.

Who is the right fit? 

Are you an innovation professional working as an independent consultant, for a premium firm or in a consulting department of a large corporation? If so, we offer you the opportunity to share the success of what is most likely the first 360° innovation assessment and measuring tool, InnoSurvey (compliant with the upcoming Innovation Standard ISO 56000-4). With an Innovation Management accreditation , you will be able to assess capabilities, culture, leadership, and strategy for innovation as well as drive transformation work implementing Innovation Management Systems compliant with ISO 56000-2.

As an LP (Licensed Practitioner), you will have the title Innovation360 Group Licensed Practitioner after participating in a 3-day accreditation on how to use InnoSurvey® in client engagements. You can act with clients cross-boarder anywhere in the world, and you also officially represent the whole Innovation360 Group.

You will be part of a very exclusive network of world-leading practitioners in innovation management. You will have access to continuous development results, round-table discussions, our database and analysis tools (InnoSurvey®) and you will have the possibility to be listed on our site as an official i360 LP. You will also have the opportunity to publish material in InnoChannel™ (papers, videocasts and blog posts), allowing you to reach a global audience.

Today, we have LPs in several hot spots in the world, but are looking to establish LPs in all important regions of the world, extending the network to gain maximum leverage for all LPs as well as for our own employee consultants and existing global clients.

What we would like to see from you?

We would like you to have an advanced degree or significant experience working in innovation management.

We also want you to provide answers to questions like: What is your commitment to innovation? What are your personal goals? Who else can validate your story? Once we initiate the interview process, we will have an in-depth conversation with you to learn who you are, to help you learn who we are and to give you an in-depth understanding of what Innovation360 is all about.

What’s in it for you?

Here are four reasons why we think accreditation as an Innovation360 Group Licensed Practitioner is a great choice:

We offer one of the most comprehensive innovation tools, methodology, and community networks in the world: You will become licensed and trained in InnoSurvey®, ready to tackle some of the most interesting, diverse and difficult sets of innovation challenges in both the private and public sectors.

You will get access to the largest and most comprehensive innovation database in the world, enabling you to provide your clients (or own organization) with unique and powerful insights and benchmarks.
You will join a worldwide network of innovation management thought leaders. You will be able to share insights and ideas with other innovation practitioners all over the globe.

We offer career opportunities for successful LPs to establish i360 Hubs across the world, with a volume and scale that is hard to match anywhere else.

Before applying, think about whether you want to work as a freelancer (a self-employed independent consultant) or through an existing consulting firm (employed by that firm and having your accreditation sponsored by it). You can read more about the program here or have a look at some testimonials. Also, have a look at our FAQ.

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