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Welcome to the Home of Innovation and our Professional Certificate and accreditation program

Thank you for investigating our professional certificate, the Innovation360 Licensed Practitioner program, and all different levels from Basic Accreditation to the IMBB Innovation Management Black Belt. We are assembling a team of the most creative and ambitious innovation consultants, from every industry across the globe. If you have a desire to work with data and a passion for innovation, we hope you will consider what our program can do for you.

Please feel free to explore the site and ask any questions along the way. When you are ready, we encourage you to take a closer look into the application process and prepare for a lifetime of exciting transformations.

The coming 90 years will likely bring more changes than the past 10,000. To keep up, master the challenges we face, and create positive change will require radical action.

One thing we know from our past decade of researching innovation across the planet is that radical innovators are able to be more successful because they are more structured in their approach and leadership. Only radical innovators will be prepared to lead the way through the infinite possibilities and uncertain outcomes in the world that is emerging. Meanwhile, nearly all managers leading innovation projects today are concentrated on incremental innovation for slow, gradual improvement of the existing business. That won’t help in a world where new business models and new competitors appear overnight to restructure entire industries.

As the problems facing us grow more complex, we will need to bring our best minds and technologies together to find more intelligent ways of solving them.

We will need a structured, evidence-based approach and a common language. That’s why Innovation360 took a formative role in helping build the ISO 560000 standards for Innovation Management. This is also why our work supports the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.

As an Innovation360 Licensed Practitioner, you will have access to the world’s very best innovation methodology, tools, templates, and support. You will gain access to the most extensive innovation management database with data from 5,000 + organizations across 105 countries.  Innovation360 methods are taught at the most future-forward business schools around the globe, including Georgetown University in the US, Humber College in Canada, and Copenhagen Business School in Europe. To read more about our accreditation and the benefits as well as the professional certifications , have a look at our FAQ.

We hope you will join us on this journey. It will not be easy, but there is no more important work to be done in the turbulent times ahead.

Best wishes,

Magnus Penker

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