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May 2023 Newsletter

It’s no secret that we need to adapt continually to keep up with today’s fast-evolving business world. Our traditional approach to feasibility impact mapping may no longer be enough to navigate the seismic shifts in the strategic environment we operate in. But, while this is undoubtedly a challenge, it also gifts us an incredible opportunity to harness our collective knowledge and expertise in order to thrive.

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June 2019 Newsletter

Licensed Practitioners around the world, including an Innovation Center at Humber College in Toronto, innovation connectivity across Canada, regional development in Ireland, and new projects in Southeast Asia. Also news on upgrades to the Accreditation Program and Innovation360 at the United Nations.

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May 2019 Newsletter

Working within the transformation economy, top ideas in the Fix the Planet project and how they relate to the UN’s Sustainable Development goals, Licensed Practitioner spotlight on leadership, and introduction to where creativity meets technology.

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April 2019 Newsletter

Introduction to Fix the Planet, a global open ideation project by Innovation360, supporting 4 of the UN’s Sustainable Development goals, Licensed Practitioner spotlight on acting like an anthropologist, a checklist for choosing the best idea management system, AI an innovation in the news around the world.

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