Frequently Asked Questions

A Licensed Practitioner is an individual who is accredited in the Innovation360 methodology and software and authorized to use our templates and tools. Licensed Practitioners include independent consultants, principals in boutique consulting firms, associates and project leads at large consulting firms and corporate innovation professionals.

You need to have 2 years of experience as management consultant, demonstrate solid business acuity, and interview with a representative of Innovation360.  Be prepared to submit to a background check and to provide references.

As an active external consultant, simply because you will earn more money by being equipped with the most advanced methods, tools and data as well as being recognized through the Innovation360 brand as an Innovation Expert.  As an internal consultant, simply because you can create more value in a shorter time and less dependent on external consultants saving your company substantial time and resources.

You can be an external consultant or an internal consultant.  Many companies choose to accredit their internal consultants.  If you are an internal consultant, reselling our tools (like the ideation platform), you can either allocate your reselling discount as a profit to your P&L account internally, or use it as a discount for your organization.

The accreditation is personal, however, should your employer cover your costs, it is wise to reach out to your employer to write a separate contract covering how to handle future transitions.

Yes, we provide you with marketing material, as well as workshop materials, slide decks and extensive pre-sales support.

No, we do not provide you with business or leads, we simply provide the very best solution for Innovation Management systems. While we cannot guarantee business, we will share our winning marketing tools and original lead generation format, Innovation Circles. This is an event model where, on average, 20% of attendees will become clients within 12 months. We also provide ongoing tutorials, webinars, case studies, and other sales and marketing tools.

Forming and articulating your value proposition, negotiatingsupport, and from time-to-time, also references and case studies.  Remember, you are in charge but we are here to help you.

In many parts of the world, this will be illegal. We are a global company dedicated to the highest standard of doing business and therefore we cannot breach any compliance rules or local laws. In our experience, the Licensed Practitioners who are growing their business are the ones who are the most collaborative on a local level. Our main competitor is the knowledge on the market, not other consultancy firms or consultants.

We have coverage for all industries in the world’s major languages, and we are continuously adding new languages.

Depending the grading, you will gain access to analytics tools, methodology and ideation management tools.  There is a number of analytic tools; InnoSurvey® for assessing aspiration and ability for Innovation Management, Competence Survey for analyzing your client’s competence need, PESLTED360 for external key drivers, etc. You will gain access to ideation360, the leading ideation management tool, which can be re-sold to your clients generating recurring revenue to the Licensed Practitioner.  Methodology wise, you will gain access to a comprehensive methodology for Innovation Management, including templates, based on your level of grading.

The InnoSurvey® is an advanced assessment tool for assessing and measuring a client’s aspirations and ability for Innovation Management. It is used during assignments for everything from the largest funds in the world to Global 100 Companies all the way to entrepreneurial driven scale-ups.  The tool is only available for Licensed Practitioners. As a Licensed Practitioner, you can create a baseline and a benchmark as well as ironing out a tangible transformation plan for you client to be able to support the client’s strategic agenda.  The tool provides you with global data from the largest Innovation Management database in the world with an interactive interface and a report generator.  80% of your work can be digitalized and this way, and you can deliver more value for less investment for your client.  The InnoSurvey® also equips you with the most sophisticated method and tool for helping your client to understand their readiness and measures to be taken for Innovation Management.

The source of data lies from implementing assessments with organizations globally from more than 105 countries and over 5000 companies.  The data is anatomized and tagged with relevant data making it useful for analysis while protecting the privacy of data.  We are fully compliant with GDPR in the EU and following the principles of SOC 2 and ISO 27000 which means that we are able to deal with the most sensitive organizations in the world.

Contact your Key Account Manger to get the current price list for accreditation and the cost of using the solutions in assignments. In Europe and Pacific Asia, please contact Allan Ashok, those practicing in North America and Canada can reach out to Julia Doria.

Each accreditation or grading has to be paid in advance with a deposit to guarantee your seat when signing up. We accept all major credit cards or payment by invoice.

Yes, there is a cost to utilize the analytics tool, depending on the complexity of your assignment. A complex assignment will be charged with a higher fee to the end client.

The level of knowledge, access to the tools and recognition. You can learn more about the different belts here. See the Accreditation page for details on what is covered and what tools you can access at each belt level.

You may progress through the levels as quickly as you wish and are able. Reach out to your KAM if you have a special project or need. We are always adding new accreditation dates as classes fill up, so check back often.

To renew your accreditation, you must take a grading each year, up to Black Belt. If you are not advancing a level, your accreditation renews when you run an assessment utilizing InnoSurvey® (12-months from the date you buy the credentials to run an assessment).

Yes, just like how Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle and other organizations with advanced technology do so.  We need to provide the best instructors for the accreditation process, active individuals developing the methodology and be able to provide pre-sales support to our global Licensed Practitioners. Our philosophy is to act global with local resources where the Licensed Practitioners are the local resources relying on a central body.  The central body, Innovation360 Group, is not just delivering tools, methodology, data, pre-sales support, but also representing and actively driving the development of the ISO 56000, publishing books, papers and other important content together with Licensed Practitioners to jointly grow the market.

Yes. Based on our experience, most Licensed Practitioner’s call expert consultants from Innovation360 into their own projects at some point. Many use information from client cases of Innovation360 in their own sales materials.

Yes. We actively help our Licensed Practitioners to connect with one another through your personal Key Account Manager,to ensure that you get in contact with the right individuals.  We honor personal integrity very highly and know who is open to connecting. We are respectful of each individual’s privacy and preferences. We do our best to meet everyone’s needs in the most responsible way.  We run monthly interactive webinars for the community, help you to publish in our channels to build your brand, and run physical events where Licensed Practitioners can meet up and network. We also have a community for Black Belt Licensed Practitioners who frequently meet at exclusive retreats around the world.

We apply the engagement rules for Martial Arts.  When you reach the Black Belt level, you will be invited to contribute and develop the art of innovation and depending on your achievements, occasionally, you will be rewarded with the next Dan of your Black Belt.

When you achieve Black Belt 2nd Dan, you can apply to be an instructor.

This is a unique achievement that will vary from case to case and only happens by appointment. This requires an extraordinary contribution.

A Certified Partner is an organization we partner with that can use our Certified Partner logotype. To apply to become a certified partner, your firm will need to have at least two employees accredited as Licensed Practitioners. The costs to become a Certified Partner and Licensed Practitioner are separate.  Please contact us directly for price quotes.

The one who runs the most Innovation Circles!

We run scheduled, open accreditations in New York City and Stockholm. See our Events page for the next scheduled basic accreditation or belt grading event. We also arrange closed accreditations for large organizations at their convenience anywhere in the world.

It is dependent on the accreditation location.  Please contact the respective Embassy in your country for details. We can issue invitation letters to support the visa process.

We are headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, and have offices in New York, Toronto and Chicago. We have faculty and Licensed Practitioners all around the world, working on every continent. Our methodology has been taught at higher education institutions like Georgetown University, Humber College, and Copenhagen Business School. Our tools are available in 20 languages.

IMBA Innovation Management Basic Accreditation™️ is the first level, followed by IMYB Innovation Management Yellow Belt™️, IMGB Innovation Management Green Belt™️ and then IMBB Innovation Management Black Belt Accreditation™️.

Certification represents a written assurance by a third party of the conformity of skills and knowledge to specified requirements, often linked to specific roles. Accreditation, on the other hand, is the formal recognition by an authoritative body of the competence and capability of an individual to work to established standards and with solutions such as the Innovation360 Suite. We are not a certification body, rather we accredit in our world-leading suite with tools, methods and solutions—all fully compliant with recently published International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 56000 Innovation Management guidance.

Yes, all methods are built on our patented framework and copyrighted materials, and as an accredited practitioner, you have the exclusive right to use these tools and assets, thus gaining the opportunity to differentiate your offerings and validate your methods in the market.

ISO 56000—Fundamentals and Vocabulary establishes the first global guidance in Innovation Management, establishing a common understanding of the main concepts, principles, terms, and frameworks required for innovation, allowing entities to collaborate across borders and industries and to certify to stakeholders and clients that they are engaged in productive innovation using proven methods and tools. Even more importantly, these standards are a road map and practical guide for companies seeking to establish a system of innovation that is able to consistently generate value for all stakeholders. These standards will address all aspects of innovation management, from assessment through to ideation and commercialization. They set forth clear guidance and evidence-backed practices for innovation management. Not only is Innovation360 compliant with these emerging standards, we have been actively engaged in the working groups that are developing them and remain active on the steering committees that will be publishing more documents on a range of subjects in Innovation Management for years to come.

Our database accurately reflects the distribution of global businesses that operate across various regions. Based on the markets served by our clients, the distribution of companies includes approximately :

  1.  30% North America
  2.  20% South America
  3. 15% Africa
  4. 49% ASIA
  5. 58% EU

These numbers sum up to be more than 100% because some companies operate in several markets. All data is anonymous but coded with the time, industry, company size, HQ location and market. We cover all major industries in 105 countries, making our innovation database the largest and most extensive in the world.

Correlation Analysis lets you know how likely it is that changes to a specific variable will impact a desired outcome. The InnoSurvey® assesses how well a company’s performance and organizational alignment match up along 60 capabilities within 16 aspects which are essential for innovation. We use Correlation Analysis in comparing the company’s scores against high performers in their sector to determine where improvements in specific capability scores will have the greatest impact on improvements for the 16 aspects.

As long as the sample size of respondents to our InnoSurvey® reaches 50 or more individuals, the resulting scores have a confidence interval of 90%. With larger sample sizes, we can produce results with even greater precision.

The data is anonymized and tagged with relevant data making it useful for analysis while protecting the privacy of the company that provided the data. We are fully compliant with GDPR in the EU and following the principles of SOC 2 and ISO 27000 which means that we are able to deal with the most sensitive organizations in the world.

The industry average for questionnaires by assessing organizations is 25 – 35%. Normally there is a higher rate for internal employees and a lower rate for external stakeholders. Our response rate averages 65% due to our unique methodology and how easy it is to use our web-based InnoSurvey®engine.

The first step in developing an innovation strategy is determining each organization’s unique profile of strengths and weaknesses. The 360 Assessment begins with the InnoSurvey®, where employees, business leaders and external partners contribute their input via a set of questions about the company’s performance and alignment. The results provide an analysis of the organization’s internal organization, external relationships, aspirations for growth or profits and many other factors. Metrics along 16 key aspects, broken down into 60+ capabilities, produces a footprint diagram of the organization’s DNA structure, which will serve as the basis of all development of a roadmap forward.

Yes, this is available to Licensed Practitioners at the level of IMGB Innovation Management Green Belt™️and above.

Although white labeling is possible, we handle requests on a case-by-case basis. For the majority of clients who come to us seeking white labeling, we have found that other options like the Certified Partner program are better able to serve their end goals. Please contact us for details on special cases.

The questions are based on a literature review of the last 100 years of innovation management research, and structured according to the published Innovation360 Framework by Magnus Penker. The questions are first tested on 100+ clients, then on 10 independent innovation experts, then translated to 10+ languages by innovation experts also tested them on clients, and finally they have been reviewed and finalized by Peet Van Billion who is a world leading expert and McKinsey&Co former global Innovation Director. The published Framework has been used at prestigious schools like Georgetown University and Copenhagen Business School, and Parsons New School of Design. The have also been referred to in numerous of research projects and papers, e.g. by IEEE. Moreover, P-Value calculus has been frequently used to compare different sources of data, where groups of carefully examined data (answerers) has been compared with survey data without any interference which also validate the quality of the questions (= so they are correctly interpreted).