Based in Pretoria, South Africa


Isaiah Engelbrecht is an Innovation Growth expert. He partners with organisations to achieve with sustainable growth through building innovation capability. He believes that without innovation it is almost impossible for companies to survive and thrive in a turbulent business environment. In his career he has observed that most employees in organisations have great ideas and solutions to organizational challenges but more often than not, it is never uncovered…let alone implemented. Through consistent building of innovation capability, employees are enabled to contribute and co-create the organisations future resulting in measured value.

Throughout his illustrious career that spans over 25 years he has worked in various organisations in leadership positions. Before he founded The GROWTH™ System Pty Ltd he led innovation teams and established innovation departments in Eskom and at the IDC. After he founded The GROWTH™ System Pty Ltd he had partnered and consulted with many organisations including Transnet, Novatis,  City of Tshwane, CPSI (Centre for Public service innovation), merSETA, ADvTECH, SANBS, and others. He has developed solutions and frameworks that systemically improve innovation capability, which in turn leads to value creation and ultimately sustainable (limitless) growth. His organisation’s goal is to partner with a minimum of 5000 organisations on a journey of building innovation capability in order to bring large scale impact.

Areas of expertise
  • Innovation capability measurement and building
  • Innovation growth strategy development
  • Innovation coaching, mentoring, facilitation, training and consulting
  • Innovation business case development
  • Innovation management platform selection
  • Implementing and operationalizing innovation
  • Research, quality, project and programme management
  • PhD in Innovation Management; Da Vinci Institute, 2016 completion
  • Masters in Business Administration (MBA); Wales University, 1999
  • Baccalareus Tech Mechanical Engineering; Tshwane University of Technology, 1998
  • Baccalareus Tech (Mechanical Engineering-1994)
  • South African Innovation Network ( and ex-Chairperson
  • Innovation Leadership Development Programme (COFISA/DST)
  • Innovation Leadership Programme-Stanford University