IMYB Innovation Management Yellow Belt™ – Online. New York, September 12-13

Step into the future of innovation management by enrolling in the IMBY Innovation Management Yellow Belt Accreditation™. This immersive online course, meticulously designed by Innovation360 Group, offers you a profound opportunity to deepen your understanding of innovation methodologies and tools, getting access to Transformation360 and InnoCopm as well as an inept knowledge of how to implement an Innovation Management System.

Event Highlights

Transformation360 Introduction: Discover the powerful capabilities of Transformation360, our newly launched tool that integrates seamlessly with InnoComp and InnoSurvey. Transformation360 is designed to facilitate non-linear ideation processes and support dynamic innovation management with robust data analytics and ideation support.

Comprehensive Tool Integration: Experience how Transformation360 works hand-in-hand with InnoComp to assess competences and with InnoSurvey to gauge capabilities. This integration ensures a holistic approach to innovation management, combining insights on both personal competences and organizational capabilities.

Live Implementation Demo: Participate in a live demonstration where we show how to implement an Innovation Management System using Transformation360. This session will cover all phases from assessment to execution, providing a practical, in-depth look at how to harness these tools in real-world scenarios.

Hands-On Non-Linear Ideation Workshop: Engage directly with non-linear ideation techniques that break away from traditional, linear thinking patterns. Learn how to generate ideas that leapfrog conventional solutions and foster breakthrough innovations in your field.

Non-Commercial License Included: As part of your participation, receive a non-commercial license for Transformation360. This license allows you to test and learn from the platform, giving you the opportunity to apply the insights and tools in a practical setting before full-scale implementation.

Why Attend?

Firsthand Experience: Be among the first to explore the functionalities of Transformation360 and understand its application in your innovation projects.

Skill Enhancement: Gain practical skills in managing and leading innovation initiatives using state-of-the-art digital tools andmethodologies.

Networking: Connect with other innovation professionals, share experiences, and discuss best practices in a collaborative environment.

Reselling: As an IMYB you will have to high to resell Transformation360.

Who Should Attend?

This event is ideal for innovation managers, business leaders, consultants, and anyone involved in organizational change and innovation. Whether you are looking to enhance your existing processes or build new capabilities from the ground up, this launch will provide valuable insights and practical skills.

Join us to be at the forefront of innovation management and experience the future of ideation and organizational transformation. Your journey towards mastering complex innovation challenges begins here!

Class Times (ET time)
September 12, 2024  8.00 – 18.00
September 13, 2024  8.00 – 14:30

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