How to sell and deliver like the world’s top firms like McK, BCG, and Accenture

Sell and deliver Innovation Consulting Services like the world’s top firms like McK, BCG, and Accenture

Breaking News: Innovation Consulting Services Have Come A Long Way

As a high-value reader, we are sure you are aware that we have attracted top consultants, professors, and experts in innovation management, growth, and sustainability in 45 countries around the world.  The big question is: why do all those professionals wish to gain accreditation as Innovation 360 Licensed Practitioners? Let’s have Forrester answer that question with hard facts.

According to a recent Forrester report entitled The Forrester Wave™: Innovation Consulting Services, Q2 2021, innovation initiatives continue to address a wide range of business and technology issues. Here is an extract.

“. . . tech execs need to look for consulting partners that can boost corporate innovation capabilities by improving quality and speed of inventions, implementation, and commercialization to optimize the impact and success of innovation. Several of our evaluated vendors presented a muddled approach to innovation by equating it with digital transformation. Areas where nearly all vendors performed poorly include staff diversity and satisfaction as well as asset-based service offerings aimed at innovation.”

Innovation Consulting Services has improved significantly since 2018

The Forrester report also points out that overall, innovation consulting service offerings have improved significantly since 2018:

“The obsession with driving efficiency is shifting toward fundamental repositioning and business model evolution. This implies the blurring of lines between strategy, technology, and design. More businesses are looking not for big-picture advice but rather for tactical support and creative input in limited areas. Innovation implementation is much more of a focus area, especially for software developers and data scientists.” The report then lists three bullet points, setting out the qualities that innovation consulting customers should look for in providers. Here are the headlines of each of those bullet points.

  • Offer high-quality asset-based service offerings aimed at innovation.
  • Have the size and geographic footprint to satisfy your global innovation needs.

Possess high-quality innovation design and creativity experience and skill-sets.

Innovation Consulting Services: How to sell and deliver like the world’s top firms like McK, BCG, and Accenture!

As an Innovation 360 Licensed Practitioner on the IMBB Innovation Management Black Belt™, you will be equipped like the best consulting firms in the world. You will be able to address the rapidly increasing demand for innovation management, and the shift from digitalization towards transformation and sustainability.