Alan Carlos Zettelmann

Based in Graz, Austria


Mr. Zettelmann is a cross domain international business professional with strong technical background and more than 12 years of experience in business development and international sales in innovation driven company’s. He has worked in top companies in Austria, among which ANDRITZ (Hydropower to Wire), AVL (Automotive Advanced Technologies), Pankl racing systems (F1) and Know Center (Big Data Research Center) have to be mentioned.
Among the lines “Innovation, People and Technology”, Mr. Zettelmann is constantly striving to develop and connect the Strategy, Management, Marketing, R&D of new business and innovation opportunities in Europe and Latin America.
Within his interests is the taking on of new challenges and showing perseverance to achieve his goals. Problem solving and innovating do energize him. He is always curious about new trends in technology and convergence of diverse markets. Above all, he is a team player and a critical thinker on how things can be done differently to succeed in a VUCA world.
He is devoted to the promotion of advantages of cultural diversity and Innovation Mind-Set in Austria and in within networks around the world. His vision is to impact the new generation of entrepreneurs and young companies, focusing on those who are highly motivated to change the world for good and fare while doing business. His network is a world of contrasts and extremes within innovation enthusiasm.

Area of expertise:

  • High Performance teams & Cognitive Diversity (for Innovation Teams)
  • Business Innovation (Awernes, mindset & Process implementation)
  • Business Strategy
  • Business Development
  • Big Data & Data Driven Business
  • Technical Sales Management (International Scaling)
  • Market Analysis
  • Key Accounting & Government Affairs
  • Networking
  • Digital Transformation


Mr. Zettelmann holds an executive Master in business Innovation (2017) & and an executive MBA (2020), by Deusto Business School, as his academic degree.
Among his Licenses and Certifications, he holds a Value Innovation Program – INSEAD Executive Education (2020), Mentor certificate for Continuous Innovation – Leanstack (2019), Intra-Entrepreneurship Certification – University of Cambridge (2017) and ISO 56000 Advisor.