We are pleased to announce that we are launching the commercialization model & diagnostics tool. Accessible to all licensed practitioners to utilize free of charge.

In order to ensure the continued success and growth of your client’s organization, it is essential to conduct a thorough portfolio review of major projects and products.

Innovation 360 understands the importance of not only assessing key aspects such as market fit, customer value, profitability, desirability, and feasibility, but also of linking these evaluations to your organization’s capabilities and culture.

By utilizing our powerful InnoSurvey tool (included in basic accreditation), you can provide your clients with tangible recommendations. This recommendations address commercialization readiness and close any existing gaps, leading to sustained success in the market.

commercialization model

Portfolio review methodology – The backbone of the Commercialization model

Our approach to the portfolio review combines a comprehensive evaluation of each project and product with an assessment of your organization’s capabilities and culture, using our advanced InnoSurvey tool. The following aspects will be thoroughly assessed:

Market fit

We will analyze the alignment between your projects and products and the target market’s needs, preferences, and trends. By conducting a detailed analysis of market dynamics, the competitive landscape, and customer demands, we can determine the level of alignment and identify opportunities for improvement for the Commercialization model.

Customer value

Understanding the value proposition of your offerings is crucial for success in the Commercialization model.

. Through an in-depth evaluation of customer expectations, satisfaction levels, and competitive positioning, we will assess the effectiveness of your projects and products in delivering value to your target audience.


Financial viability is a key factor in any successful portfolio. We will conduct a comprehensive analysis of cost structures, revenue streams, and market potential to evaluate the profitability of each project and product. This evaluation will help identify areas for cost optimization and revenue enhancement.


The appeal and attractiveness of your offerings play a significant role in their success. We will assess factors such as aesthetics, user experience, and emotional resonance to determine the desirability of your projects and products in the market. This analysis will guide recommendations for enhancing customer appeal.


Analyzing the feasibility of your projects and products is crucial for successful execution. We will evaluate technological feasibility, resource availability, and potential constraints to identify any challenges that may hinder progress. Recommendations will be provided to address feasibility gaps and improve project outcomes.

Linking to capabilities and culture

To ensure a comprehensive assessment, we will utilize our InnoSurvey© tool to evaluate your organization’s capabilities and culture. This assessment will provide valuable insights into the strengths, weaknesses, and cultural dynamics that impact your portfolio’s success.

By linking these findings to our evaluations of market fit, customer value, profitability, desirability, and feasibility, we will provide tailored recommendations that align with your capabilities and culture, ensuring their practicality and effectiveness.

Recommendations and action plan in the Commercialization model and tool

Based on the comprehensive assessments conducted, you will be able to provide your clients with tangible recommendations. These recommendations address gaps and opportunities for improvement across their projects and products. The recommendations will be accompanied by a detailed action plan that outlines specific steps to be taken, responsible stakeholders, and a timeline for implementation. By following this action plan, your clients can gain higher commercial success.