Dr. David Greenhalgh

Based in Manchester & West Yorkshire, United Kingdom


Dr David Greenhalgh is the Director and Principal Innovation Partner at IOCIS Consulting and a director of the Cosmetic Cluster UK, a not-for-profit organisation aimed at facilitating collaboration and partnerships in the cosmetics and personal care sectors. With over two decades of successful experience in the field of innovation with powerhouses like Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Huntsman, and Mölnlycke, he has been at the forefront of commercialising cutting-edge science and technology. He has specialist knowledge and experience in the health and wellbeing sectors, as well as innovations in many other sectors involving chemistry and materials. As an ‘Innovation Process Scientist’ David constantly strives to make the innovation process as consistent, simple, and as effective as possible to maximise value for all innovation stakeholders. David specializes in guiding clients of all sizes through the entire innovation process, from strategy development and ideation to portfolio management, development, and commercialization, ranging from internal & external innovation sprints to building innovation management systems and leading development projects. David is passionate about utilising open innovation to solve complex global challenges, from health and well-being to sustainability. His adeptness in building sector-specific ‘innovation ecosystems’ and his experiences fostering collaborations between companies and other public sector organizations have been an important part of his life’s work. David has participated in European Framework Programmes to stimulate research and innovation across supply chains and between academia and industry, cementing his commitment to fostering advancements through open innovation and, in the process, helping the planet through pollution remediation and sustainable energy sources. Dr Greenhalgh has spent much of his career involved in science and technology scouting and external analysis, including competitor analysis, science & technology mapping & sourcing (TRL Levels 1-9), and patent landscaping. With external innovation, he prides himself on discovering and tailoring the right solutions to the problems that clients face when internal innovation alone is not enough.
He is an inventor on 7 patents, many of which are used in commercialized products and holds a degree in chemistry and a Ph.D. in pharmaceutical delivery systems.

Areas of expertise
  • Innovation Assessment
  • Ideation
  • ISO 56000
  • Innovation Management
  • Technology scouting
  • Open innovation
  • BSc degree in Chemistry
  • PhD in Pharmaceutical Formulation Science
  • Six Sigma Green Belt