How can I engage as a Licenced Practitioner?

You can become a certified innovation consultant in many ways, therefore, we decided to institutionalize the Innovation 360 Accreditation System. In conclusion, we have three paths to take. Every part serving a different purpose.

Licensed Practitioner

You start with getting licensed as an individual, regardless of your future path. This way, you get trained and gain access to our online tools, data, libraries, and the certificate IMBA, IMYB, IMGB, IMBB levels. We call this to become an Innovation 360 Licensed Practitioner.

Gold Partner

This is for consultancy companies with a specific number of accredited people having a clear plan for their region. Firstly, we support the Gold Partners with the world’s largest innovation management library. This library includes templates, sales material, marketing material, cases, references, and pre-sales. Moreover, we also list all Gold Partner on our home page and provide you with extensive pre-sales support.

Educational Partner

Add more value to your Makerspace Offer. Firstly, extending the online micro-credential curriculum with market-leading innovation management online content and online tools. Secondly, with instilling the world-leading ideation platform ideation360 to the educational institution. You can use it across your research projects, collaborations with businesses, and in the student community. Thirdly, by offering more collaboration, and resources to the market.

Innovation 360 Group provides Educational Institutions across the world the ability to build a strategic partnership with Innovation 360. This means to collaborate on programs for Innovation Management. This also includes leveraging Innovation 360 Group’s methodology, tools, and framework to partners, sponsors, students, and companies.  In conclusion, we provide your institution access to material and leading online tools for:

  • Serving your Maker Space
  • Micro-credentials
  • Electives
  • Executive education for Innovation Management

In summary, with the Partnership Model, we granting access to a tool and content suite for Innovation Management. First, we included analytical tools, workshopping apps, and an ideation platform. Then we included the largest innovation management database in the world. The database is to be leveraged for innovation programs internally and externally. In addition, we also open up the database for internal research use within your institution. For one of our references, have look at Humber College in Canada.

Corporate Partner

This final option is the option for larger organizations with internal consultants having a need for internal resources. Due to this, we have created the corporate partners.  The Corporate Partner Program is available in all continents. This is a great way to get access to otherwise non-accessible tools, data, and methods. Moreover, it is in complements with the services offered by us, educational partners, and gold partners. Therefore, this program is for organizations that aim at having a larger number of internally certified innovation consultants.

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