How to “Hollywood” on Zoom (in a good way)

starring: Innovation 360, Jack Roberts, and… you

Have you ever been a part of an online meeting when the delivery was less than the facilitator’s best?

Of course you have. We all have. And the saddest part? We have all been less than our best as facilitators. In our increasingly digital world, our attention spans are undergoing a barrage of voices competing, not for our time, but for our presence. Everyone is under the lens now. As we’ve transitioned to working more from home, we are all becoming TV personalities, judged in our tiny “zoom” or “teams” or “webex” boxes.

What if you could easily shift a few keys elements and change the way you’re seen. What if you could increase sales, close more deals, make more colleagues into friends, and give yourself an open door to do more of the work you truly love doing? You can. It’s as simple as learning to tell a story and how to design the telling of it.

In this collaboration Innovation 360 teams up with Cherokee storyteller, Jack Roberts, an award-winning Hollywood screenwriter and actor, bestselling author, and Parsons School of Design professor in Paris and NYC. He’s been on stage in front of 10,000 people, on-camera before millions, taught thousands, and now in this simple and probably hysterical workshop Jack teaches you a few simple tools, tricks, and impactful methods for being the best version of you on our daily screens.

This webinar is available for Gold Partners only.

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Time:  9:00 AM – 2 PM Eastern time (3 PM CET – 8 PM CET)
Date: May 19, 2022