IMBA Innovation Management Basic Accreditation™ – Online. New York City, Feb 22 – 24

Welcome to the Home of Innovation. This intensive, 3-Day training session is your introduction to all of the essentials of the Innovation360 methodology and framework.

Based on data from one your own clients, or a test case that we can provide, you will learn how to query the InnoSurvey® database and assess of innovation capabilities of any organization or team.

This is also your passport to a talented and experienced network of Licensed Practitioners from every continent who specialize in various fields within innovation management, such as ideation, strategy, or implementation.

You will walk away with access to the world’s largest database of innovation management as well as experience in collaboration, building executive presentations, and materials for promoting your consulting business.

You will finish the training with a detailed look at how to plan and run Innovation360 Group®️ Circles. This is the format that allows you to connect with top execs in your field, demonstrate the value of Innovation360 tools, and convert prospects into clients consistently.

After the training, you will be able to immediately start planning and running Innovation360 Group®️ Circles to build your network and establish a pipeline of potential clients. Our Licensed Practitioners report that on average, approximately 20 percent of Innovation360 Group®️ Circle participants become clients within 12 months.

The pre-work we recommend before class consists of reading volume one in Magnus Penker’s “The Complete Guide to Business Innovation”: “How to Assess and Measure Business Innovation“.

The tools you will access include:

  • The InnoSurvey®
  • The Capability Analyzer
  • Templates for Innovation360 Group®️ Circles

Class Times

Feb 22, 2021, 8.00-18.00 EST

Feb 23, 2021, 8.00-18.00 EST

Feb 24, 2021, 8.00-14.30 EST

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