Philippe Drouillon


Based in Brussels, Belgium


Philippe Drouillon is an entrepreneur, consultant, coach and trainer, who combines – through his company Metamorphosis – professional activities with his passion for sustainability in the broad sense. His belief is that a team, an organisation or a territory will pave the way towards sustainability if it is complemented with sustainable and inclusive decision-making processes and ways of working.

After 20 years in a multinational chemical group, where he went through diverse professional assignments (R&D, manufacturing, laboratory, business, innovation performance improvement, sustainability and change management), he created Metamorphosis.

His belief is that sustainable business models, approaches focused on collective intelligence and group dynamics, collaborative and agile ways of working, disruptive and continuous innovation, “fair” organizational changes and transformations, innovative learning processes are his main and preferred intervention domains either as consultant for individuals, teams, businesses and organizations or in the design and implementation of learning modules or also in the setup of events aiming at co-creating and co-building solutions and/or prototypes (eg : hackathons, startup week-ends, art of hosting events).
He collaborate as well with large corporations, SMEs and  non-profit organisations. He is also a part-time teacher within 3 areas : Sustainable business models, global performance of organizations and scenario thinking.
As co-op addict, he takes an active part – as member of the Board or the exec team – to several co-op projects in sustainable energy Performance solutions, sustainable farming and fulfilling workplaces.

His way of cooperating is agile through wi-win partnerships with several partners that can be activated when needed.

Areas of expertise
  • Innovation Management
  • Organisational Transformation
  • Business Prototyping
  • Executive Coaching
  • Learning Expert & Workshop Facilitator
  • Motivational Speaker
  • London Business School, MBA
  • Free University of Brussels – University of Mons Hainaut, Master Biotechnology
  • Institut Meurice Chimie,Industrial Engineer, Biochemicals
  • University of Louvain-La-Neuve, Executive Education, Innovation Management