Running an Innovation Circle: Building Your Market May 04 at 1.00–2.30 pm CET

In our second LP webinar – Running an Innovation Circle: Building Your Market – we’ll explain the unique data-driven concept behind the innovation circle and give you practical tips and advice on how to successfully build your market through running your own.

We’ll walk you through everything you need to know to set up and run an innovation circle. You’ll find that it’s a powerful tool for encouraging the kinds of in-depth conversations that make things happen for any organization, whether it’s generating leads or getting innovations onto the agenda.

We’ll be sharing some real-world case studies from Innovation360 and licensed practitioners who have successfully built and expanded their markets using innovation circles. They’re only too happy to give you their insights, to help you do the same.

Audience: Innovation360 licensed practitioners and those invited by an Innovation360 KAM.