The Launch Of The Next-Gen Ideation Platform – Fast Track Landing Pages!

We launched ideation360® several years ago as an innovation management tool by consultants for consultants, an ideation platform. Together with licensed practitioners and clients around the globe in 45 countries, we refined this tool to tremendous success. We are now proud to present the next generation of the ideational platform ideation360®.

Our innovative ideational management tool takes ideation and idea collection from an obscure activity run by innovation experts to a much broader audience.


Create Campaigns and Landing Pages with the Ideation Platform


We are the first company in the world to allow you to instantly create as many landing pages as you wish, in any language, for any platform. With our new tools, it is easier than ever to create campaigns, analyze results, encourage your audience, link to any ecosystem, and bring it all together.

As an IMYB Innovation Management Yellow Belt™, you have a free test enterprise license with which to experiment. You have the power to resell the ideation360® tool in your consulting projects or as an internal consultant.

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