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Our methods and online innovation tools for education are built on peer-reviewed research, practical work across the globe, and a large community spanning 45 countries. After having successfully worked with several higher education institutions and executive education, we decided to make our tools, methods, services, and databases available to higher education, executive education, and professional training firms. 

To quote Rovy F. Branon III of the University of Washington, in a new report, Renewing Higher Education: Academic Leadership in Times of Transformation:

The most fundamental attributes of the 60YC (Year Curriculum) will not be programs or content at all but will be the connective services that are a part of engaging and re-engaging the learner over a lifetime. One significant reorienta­tion is that new services are likely to focus less on a specific program and more on the long-term objectives of the learner. A second change is that most new services will be far more heavily augmented by technology than services today. Finally, the need for technology will be driven by increasingly sophisticated uses of data for both students and institutions. Looking at the landscape today we can already see hints of these changes taking shape, but we can also speculate about what some services of the future might be.

Innovation 360 interactive AI-enabled suite for education

We offer faculties, lecturers, trainers, and instructors accreditation and access to our full suite of tools, methods, and databases as well as our curriculums. Please find all our tools and possibilities included in our educational programs.

Partnership for building post-pandemic capabilities, innovation offices, and enhancing deliveries of micro and executive education

Innovation360 offers world-class industry-centered professional programs, executive education, and micro-credentials courses in sustainability, innovation, and growth.

This can be offered by Innovation360 and our accredited instructors to universities, instructors at professional training bodies, and by internal training departments at larger corporations. Trainers can also be provided for those who do not have accredited personnel or just want to add offers to their curriculum. One example of an offered open program can be found here, and another large-scale governmental back initiative here.

All programs are based on current thinking, hands-on training with interactive online tools, world-class content, and instructor guides provided.


You will have access to the leading tool for assessing the culture and capabilities of innovation management. Used by Fortune 100 companies, universities like Parsons and Georgetown, and governments across the world, the tool can be used to secure accreditation. Fully compliant with ISO 56000.

The tool and the database InnoSurvey© can be used to engage and create curriculums for industry partners, sponsors, members, and general executive education programs. As well used for your own transformation, driving innovation across the board. Internal faculty members can be accredited to get full access for use of the tool both internally and externally.

Moreover, InnoSurvey©, will provide you access to the largest innovation management database in the world – to be sued in research, in building and updating methods, and also to create insights reports and benchmarks.

Innovation Offices

Innovation360 can support you in establishing innovation offices/centers.

The services include:

    • Creating the brand, the narrative and the marketing plan
    • Defining the value proposition
    • Leading interactive tools and solutions to interact with the industry, with the faculty, students, alumni, etc.
    • Defining the operational model: resource allocation, governance, budgeting, risk handling, organization
    • Defining the Innovation process
    • Introducing metrics to track and improve


Innovation360 offers an Ideation Platform and Methodology, used to create an ideation circle for relevant industry problems, investigating research questions, and engaging with the community (faculty, industry, students, alumni).

The platform is AI-enabled for clustering and features a mobile-first landing page that can be created in minutes. All languages are available. This platform is used by Fortune 100 companies and non-profits across the globe. It is easy to use, with advanced analytics built-in.

Furthermore, the tool can for example be used in external projects, in executive education, and in graduate studies. Read more here about ideation360. 

Interactive tools for scenario planning

A significant part of tomorrow’s higher education will be about engaging, guiding, and leading.

One of the most well-known tools for this is scenario planning, used by the military and large corporations since the 1960s. However, until now it has always been undertaken manually and is hard to perform. Innovation360 has codified the UK Manual and Shell’s Scenario Tool Kit, into Scenario360. This interactive tool is designed to be used in education, particularly in student assignments. It acts as a perfect complement for universities, colleges, and executive educational bodies making strategic decisions about the future.

Interactive tools for key driver mapping

The Scenario360 Planning tool comes with a leading AI-enabled global key driver mapping system, PESTLED360.

Understanding the surrounding environment is one of the key cornerstones in any kind of analysis and plan for change, development, and learning. Our suite of interactive industry-leading tools for key driver mapping and scenario planning offers you a large common database updated in real-time, interactive collaboration and visual modeling. The suite is well suited to empower and extend executive education, micro-credential programs, and any process where upcoming trends are identified.

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